Architectural firm services


Architural firm services

SIA Arhitekt - privātmāju projekti

Private house projects

SIA Arhitekt, Gatavie māju projekti

Ready-made house projects

SIA Arhitekt, Mājas pārbuves projekti

Home rebuilding projects

SIA Arhitekt, Dzīvokļa pārplānošana

Apartment redesign

Our arhitectural services are available to clients with different tastes and options.
Individual house projects, ready-made house plans and standard house plans are just some of our firm’s services.

  • Single-storey house plans
  • Two-storey house plans
  • House projects with an attic
  • Small house plans
  • House plans up to 100m2
  • Timber-frame house plans
  • Individual house plans
  • Two-family house plans
  • Modular house plans
  • Eco home plans
  • Apartment redesign
  • Modern house plans
  • Ready-made house plans
  • Country house plans
  • Standard house plans

Free consultation’s

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Before the design

A free consultation about building materials and energy efficiency:


Architectural services providing advice on building materials to ensure a balanced approach between construction costs and energy savings.


We cooperate with the best building material suppliers.

In the course of the design

Help and advice about the planning and location of the building:


Architectural consultation about the proper building and premise orientation, providing practical and convenient planning.


We provide safe and rational building construction solutions for all parts of the building: foundations, walls, ceilings, roof.

After the design

Client support regarding unclear matters during construction:


We provide answers to unclear questions in the course of construction if these arise for the builders or the client.


We offer architectural services with author’s supervision the commissioning of buildings, that are built according to our projects.